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About Us

Overview of Eastern City Development Sdn Bhd

Eastern City Development Sdn Bhd is a specialist in commercial and residential development, developing varieties of commercial and residential properties in the east coast and southern region in Malaysia especially in Kuantan, Pahang and Johor. Projects range from high quality inner city multi-unit low-rise residential, broad acre land subdivision, and urban lifestyle developments. In our commercial building segment, our expertise cover office shoplots.

Our focus is on quality developments in premier locations, designed and managed by a team of renowned architects and professional consultants who are all leaders in their fields. It is, above all, the eye for quality locations, our understanding of the target market, and the insistence on superior products and services, which sets Eastern City Development Sdn Bhd apart from other developers.

We will ensure your property sites are often protected by covenants to ensure the integrity and quality of the estate well into the future. We are here to help them to have a peace of mind in developing high quality building and infrastructures. You can always rely on us!


    We inspire and strive for excellence in areas of our expertise, consolidated through the forty years of experience we acquired in the real estate industry.


    We serve our customers diligently in meeting their requirements and delivering values for their investment. We continuously learn and observe new trends in the market and customer requirements.

    We aim to acquire substantial land bank within the East Coast and Southern region to grow our revenue and profitability.

    We strive to develop our projects in a sustainable and environmentally sensitive way and wherever feasible.


    We take personal responsibility for QUALITY

    We are committed to deliver quality products and services beyond customer expectation and continuously strive for improvement.


    We are passionate and committed to deliver excellent real estate development with value-added customer service.

    We act with INTEGRITY

    We are committed to be fair, honest, ethical, responsible and accountable for all our interactions.

    We VALUE people and treat them with RESPECT

    We treat each other with respect and recognize that we can succeed as a team. We are committed to openness and trust in all that we do.

What others say about us

“.. The workmanship of my house are near perfection.. I’m happy to be one of the few owner of this terrace link.. “

En. Rahman AhmadOwner of Terrace Link in Kemaman, Terengganu

“.. The delivery are flawless, even a little hiccup at the very beginning, but the developer managed to settle everything in time.. Thank you.. “

En. Nik Azizul Nik Hamdan Owner of Shoplot in Kuantan, Pahang

“…Segalanya di uruskan cara baik, tiada sebarang masalah.. “

Pn. Nor Hayati Binti Abd RazakOwner of Terrace Link in Kemaman, Terengganu

“.. I believe this is the right investment for me after review so many other portfolio in the region..”

Mr. Chan Chee HowOwner of Shoplot in Kuantan, Pahang